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Freezing, a formidable tip to avoid spoiling

Have you delighted your friends with your unique lasagna recipe? However, even the most greedy have not managed to overcome it. So what to do? Simply keep it in the freezer for next time!

With a few exceptions, the majority of food products can be frozen and retain their appearance, texture and flavor, as well as most of their vitamin and mineral content. Be careful, however, to respect a few basic rules:

  • frozen foods must be perfectly fresh and put in the freezer quickly, after returning from shopping or after cooking. They will thus retain their organoleptic qualities, while limiting the appearance of bacteria.
  • For successful freezing, wrap your food tightly and airtight. Label them (name, use-by date, quantity) to help you find your way around and thus prevent any risk of food waste.

Our anti- waste freezing advice : favor freezing small food portions! This makes it easier to adjust the proportions you want to consume and to freeze and thaw more quickly.

  • For your health, never refreeze a product that has already been frozen. Be careful with fish, for example, which have often been frozen before arriving at your fishmonger's stall. On the other hand, it is entirely possible to refreeze a product if it has been cooked in the meantime.
  • Not all foods are resistant to freezing: for example, fruits and vegetables rich in water (melon, salad, cucumber, tomato, strawberry) will not come out in very good shape and will lose all their taste qualities. Other examples: eggs, fresh or soft cheeses, or even yogurts or dessert creams: after defrosting, they will have lost texture and taste.
  • Be sure to respect the recommended storage times: 24 months for fruits and vegetables, pastries, pasta and raw pastries; 2 to 3 months for cooked and ground meats; 3 months for home-cooked meals and 1 month for bread.

The Pyrex ® advantage Or the Pyrex ® advantage : did you know that by freezing your recipe in a Pyrex ® dish, you can then reheat it directly in the oven, without waiting? Pyrex ® glass storage dishes provide resistance to thermal shock of 220 °*, so no need to wait for your dishes to defrost or transfer them elsewhere, put them directly in the oven and enjoy them more quickly! Simple and ultra-practical.

*Thermal Shock Resistant: EN 1183 220 °C

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