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How to choose the right dish for the oven?


Want lasagna, stuffed tomatoes, a roast or a good comforting gratin? For this, you still need to have at your disposal the necessary oven dishes adapted to the creation of your creative recipes. That's good, we have plenty of advice to give you for finding and choosing the right oven dishes for your daily use. Follow the Pyrex ® guide 👇



What material should you choose for the baking dish?

The material is one of the main criteria to take into account when choosing your baking dish. To date, there are oven dishes made of glass, ceramic, porcelain, metal and cast iron on the market. We summarize the different materials available on the market, to take into account before going on a kitchen shopping session.


The glass dish

It is one of the most popular materials in the kitchen. But be careful, not all glass dishes withstand heat in the same way since only those made of borosilicate glass are perfectly suitable for use in the oven. Borosilicate glass dishes can withstand extreme temperatures and withstand thermal shock , while being easy to wash. Small clarification: they go easily in the dishwasher .

All Pyrex ® oven dishes are made from this material. As a bonus, they have excellent value for money, are healthy and durable and are scratch-resistant.


Metal dishes

Their big advantage is probably the ease of unmolding. In fact, it is quite common for this type of baking dish to be coated with so-called non-stick textured bases. This is also the case for our ultra-resistant asimetriA range, also designed with XXL ergonomic handles.


The cast iron dish

An ancestral classic, almost unbreakable and which allows even and well-distributed cooking . They are particularly appreciated for dishes simmered over low heat. Their weak point, because there had to be one, probably remains their very high price.


Ceramic dishes

Just like glass dishes, ceramic dishes withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -20 °C to 250 °C. This material ensures good distribution of oven heat and is generally not subject to scratches. This is therefore a good point if you like to cut with a knife directly in the dish.


Porcelain dishes

Dishes made from porcelain are perfect for making pastries since they are fond of so-called medium temperatures. And, just like glass, they don't absorb or retain odors.


The oven dish is truly an essential to have in your kitchen, as long as you are equipped with an oven or a microwave oven.


What about practicality and versatility?

Your oven dish must above all be practical! That is to say, suit your expectations and culinary habits. So, if the size of your oven allows it, look at models designed with wide handles with grips.


In terms of versatility, the oven dishes can also be used as storage dishes to store or store directly in the fridge or freezer . To do this, opt for ranges or models sold directly with their airtight lid. A practical, durable and hygienic purchase! As a bonus, the lids protect against refrigerator odors and allow long-term storage without loss of flavor.


What about brand reputation?

Before purchasing, it is important to always find out about the brand to be sure you have all the guarantees. At Pyrex ®, we do everything we can to offer you the best offer and the best value for money . French manufacturing , tradition, innovation, sustainability, healthy materials and fair prices are the promises to which we are firmly committed. Moreover, for the tightest budgets, you can find our models at low prices via our « promotions » tab.



How important is manufacturing quality?

The quality of manufacturing, like the reputation of the brand you select, is a real guarantee of safety and satisfaction. Opt for brands renowned for their French manufacturing , which are committed to innovation and guarantee healthy products.


How to choose the right size ?

Another point to take into account when purchasing your baking dish: the size, which includes both width, length and depth . Obviously, we do not choose the same containers whether we are alone or whether we have to feed a family of 4 or 6. Likewise, if you like to invite guests regularly, plan additional dishes suitable for special occasion meals. Likewise, make sure that the dimensions of your dishes are consistent with the size of your oven; it would be a shame not to be able to use your containers for this reason.


In addition, we will favor rectangular or square dishes for dishes such as lasagna , roasts, simmered dishes, oval shaped for meats in sauces or gratins and round for pastries. But of course, this is not a mandatory rule.


Depending on your budget, the best thing is to get a set of various sizes so that you always have the dish suited to your needs on hand.



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