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Does Batch Cooking, a little organization and zero waste tempt you?

Do you know batch cooking? This is a cooking method which consists of preparing dishes in advance, for the week for example, in a single cooking session. Batch cooking requires a bit of organization but above all it is the best way to buy products that you will cook for several meals at once, minimizing the risk of food loss or waste. It's homemade, it's healthy, it's good for the wallet and for the planet!

By cooking batch cooking, your shopping list will only contain what you need! And if you feel like making a vegetable gratin, remember to provide larger quantities of vegetables for a soup or puree another day.

Some organizational tips to make this moment in the kitchen a moment of pleasure:

Start by writing down all the foods in your fridge and cupboards; you will therefore not be able to forget anything and quickly know what you are missing to concoct batch cooking menus with great care.

Equip yourself with storage containers of different sizes, so that you can store all types of portions. Preparing large quantities in advance requires being able to preserve them and prevent them from losing flavor and freshness. This is why we advise you to opt for airtight glass boxes whose plastic lids are guaranteed without bisphenol A (BPA).

Then prepare your menus for the week, write down the recipes that you want, making sure to vary the foods as much as possible and favor seasonal products. If possible, assign a dish to a day of the week, to organize the storage in the freezer of dishes that will need it (dishes based on fish or meat in particular which remain fragile in the refrigerator).

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