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Set of 4 conservation boxes

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  • Description

    Revolutionize your culinary experience towards a mode of economical and ecological consumption with our set of 4 Pyrex® conservation boxes. In order to simplify storage and preparation, each color is dedicated to a specific food category. In red for meat, yellow for pasta, blue for fish and green for plants, these brightly colored boxes simplify organization in your refrigerator and freezer. Made from Pyrex® borosilicate glass, these boxes are the ideal choice for optimal conservation while adopting an eco-friendly approach.More than just one simple storage set, these boxes embody our commitment to living without food waste. The lids keep food fresh, while the color coding makes it easy to quickly identify contents. Resistant to extreme temperatures, from -40°C to + 300°C, Pyrex® borosilicate glass can go from freezer to oven safely. In addition, its resistance to thermal shock up to 220°C makes it a reliable ally for all your culinary preparations. It does not retain stains or odors, thus preserving the purity of flavors. Be careful though, their lids are not suitable for cooking in the oven.

  • Features

    The advantages of Pyrex® borosilicate glass:

    • Withstands extreme temperatures from -40°C to +300°C
    • Resistant to thermal shock up to 220°C (EN 1183): can go from the freezer at - 20°C to the oven at 200°C
    • Healthy BPA-free and hygienic material that does not retain stains or odors
    • Scratch resistant
    • Maximum temperature: +300°CMaximum temperature: +300°C
    • Minimum temperature: -40°CMinimum temperature: -40°C
    • Strong thermal shock resistanceStrong thermal shock resistance
    • Oven safe (without lid)Oven safe (without lid)
    • Microwave safe (without the lid)Microwave safe (without the lid)
    • Fridge safe Fridge safe
    • Freezer safe Freezer safe
    • Dishwasher safeDishwasher safe
    • Not suitable on the hobsNot suitable on the hobs
  • Product details

    Reference : SET4215PPBF215PMYP216PCGV216PRCC

    Blue and Yellow:

    Internal dimensions : L : 18 cm l : 13 cm H : 6 cm

    External dimensions : L : 23 cm l : 15 cm H : 7 cm

    Capacity : 1.2L

    Piece weight : 0.67kg

    Red and Green:

    Internal dimensions : L : 24 cm l : 19 cm H : 8 cm

    External dimensions : L : 28 cm l : 20 cm H : 8 cm

    Capacity : 2.5L

    Piece weight : 1.18kg

    TOTAL Weight (Blue, Yellow, Red and Green): 3.7kg

  • Usage tips

    CARE: Wash before first use. Avoid abrasive cleaners.

    USE: Non-watertight product, not suitable for transporting liquid foods. Do not use on a hob, do not place on a damp surface after removing from the oven, risk of breakage. The plastic cover does not should not be used in a traditional oven or microwave oven, risk of deformation.

    GUARANTEE: This product is guaranteed for 10 years by INTERNATIONAL COOKWARE against manufacturing defects. The GUARANTEE does not apply to damage due to mechanical shock, non-compliance with usage recommendations or professional use . Products with nicks or chips from use or having been heated on a cooktop may be weakened and are no longer covered by the GUARANTEE. Staining, deformation and discoloration of the plastic cover are not covered by the GUARANTEE.

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