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  1. Everyone knows that feeling when you wake up, work out and then have to think about making lunch – be in the smug zone with a little help from Pyrex®The clever Cook & Go dishes are made from hygienic borosilicate glass and can be used in the oven (without the lid) and then placed in the fridge or freezer, if you have a batch cooking day. With a selection of sizes and shapes available you can get creative and prep healthy recipes for the whole week.

  2. Avoid that that moment when you realise the contents of your lunch has spilled inside your favourite bag. Each Cook & Go storage dish comes with a secure, leak-proof plastic lid developed to ensure that you can transport your food without any spillages. They also feature an air tight seal and clips on each side, making them safe to carry all kinds or recipes, from simple work lunches, to your signature dish. Just Cook, Clip and Go!

  3. Hello fresh! Save money and time by having a healthy meal prepped and ready to reheat – then enjoy! Simply take your prepared dish out of the fridge (defrost if frozen), then simply pop it in the microwave for a meal in minutes. Avoid washing up as Cook & Go dishes are dishwasher safe and keep their transparent shine. Say goodbye to stained plastic boxes that retain lingering food flavours and colours!

  4. Own it – ward off the office fridge raiders and avoid the dreaded office email entitled ‘has someone eaten my lunch?!’ Each lid features a space where you can label the contents or even write who it’s for, which is very handy if you’ve made a portion for each member of the family. This also allows you to add ‘created on’ dates and stack up your storage dishes in the fridge or freezer, keeping everything organised.

  5. Break out of the same old meal weekly routine– try out some fresh, new ideas that taste great immediately after cooking, or for lunch the next day. To inspire you to eat fresh and healthy meals, Pyrex® has developed a variety of simple recipes that can be cooked, carried and consumed in Cook and Go dishes. The recipes include a must-try courgette with basil and lime pesto and a tasty ratatouille which makes an ideal side or nutritious snack. 

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