Easter brioche

  • Difficult
  • 3h15
  • 20 minutes
  • Average
A tender and soft crown of brioche, shaped with love, crowned with sweet pearls, ready to delight your taste buds.




  • 400g of flour
  • 80g of butter
  • 80g sugar
  • 16g fresh baker's yeast
  • 16 clof milk
  • 1.5 eggs
  • 1.5 sachet of vanilla sugar
  • 1 teaspoon of salt or fine salt



    Stage 1

    Put the flour in a salad bowl. Add the sugar and the vanilla sugar.

    Stage 2

    Add the crumbled baker's yeast and the egg.

    Stage 3

    Add the milk

    Stage 4

    Add the softened butter. Mix everything with your hand. You will get a sticky dough, this is normal.

    Stage 5

    Start kneading until the dough is firm and no longer sticky. Knead vigorously for 10 minutes without stopping. If you have a food processor , do not hesitate to use it. Let the device mix for 5 minutes on 1st speed, then on 2nd speed.

    Stage 6

    Roll the dough into a ball.

    Stage 7

    Cover it. Place it in a place tempered and airtight until it doubles in volume. Allow 2 hours.

    Stage 8

    Flour a work surface and deflate your brioche dough by kneading it lightly. Divide it into small pieces of around 50g each.

    Stage 9

    Roll each small piece of dough into a long sausage of about 25 cm.

    Stage 10

    Take two branches and braid them.

    Stage 11

    Form a crown by gluing the ends together. Do the same with the remaining pieces of dough.

    Stage 12

    Place your crowns on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Add a raw egg to the center.

    Stage 13

    Cover with a clean cloth and leave to rise for 1 hour in a draft-free place.

    Stage 14

    Brush the crowns with beaten egg and pearls of sugar or sprinkles.

    Stage 15

    Preheat the oven to 180°c.

    Stage 16

    Put an egg in the center (to prevent the crown from closing during cooking).

    Stage 17

    Bake the brioches for 20 minutes.

    Stage 18

    Wait until the brioches are cold before adding chocolate eggs to the center.

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