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Pyrex®’s history is founded on the creation of our iconic borosilicate glass over 100 years ago and whilst cooking trends have changed, our iconic glass collection remains incredibly popular. This is mainly due to the versatility of the glass and its suitability to be used in the oven, microwave, fridge and freezer, making it really useful and practical.

Glass dishes also mean that after enjoying a delicious meal you don’t have to spend a long time washing up as the material is incredibly easy to clean. Plus glass doesn’t retain any flavours or stains, which means there are no fears about reusing these useful products after creating recipes with strong flavours.

It isn’t just traditional glass bakeware which is incredibly useful, at Pyrex® we’ve found that products like our casserole dish, and newly relaunched vintage bowl are being used to whip up delicious, sweet delicacies. With that in mind, we were prompted to create a series of recipes which highlight the multifunctional nature of our glassware and show how a casserole dish can even be used to create a hazelnut and chocolate twist!

Ultimately it is the individuals’ decision when it comes to choosing the products they need, but with a history dating back over 100 years you can rest assured that when you choose Pyrex® glassware you are selecting a product which will stand the test of time.

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