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Official Rules - Terms & Conditions

OFFICIAL RULES FREE PRIZE DRAW WITH NO OBLIGATION TO PURCHASE ARTICLE 1: ORGANISING COMPANY International Cookware, hereafter called the “Organising Company”, Unit 1A Hall Dene Way, Seaham Grange Industrial Estate,...

Roxanne Balon12/07/2023

Pyrex RRP Price List 2022

Asimetria Glassware   Glass Storage   Magic Bakeware Optima+ Origin+ & Zero Scratch Stainless Steel TOS   Supreme Ceramic    

Poppy Seddon16/05/2022

Privacy Notices

  International Cookware respects your right to privacy. This Privacy Notice explains who we are, how we collect, share and use personal data about you, and how you can exercise...

Roxanne Balon28/03/2022
#BatchingforBeginners Infographic

#BatchingforBeginners Infographic

Poppy Seddon29/07/2021
DIY Candle Making

DIY Candle Making

Many of us like to add that warm and cosy feeling to our homes with scented candles, but they can become quite pricey especially if you buy them often. A...

Harleen Chohan02/02/2021
#lifetoleftovers Infographic

#lifetoleftovers Infographic

Abhilash Chelankara20/05/2020
The Benefits of Pyrex® Glassware

The Benefits of Pyrex® Glassware

Pyrex®’s history is founded on the creation of our iconic borosilicate glass over 100 years ago and whilst cooking trends have changed, our iconic glass collection remains incredibly popular. This...

Abhilash Chelankara02/03/2020
5 reasons why you need Pyrex® Cook & Go in your life

5 reasons why you need Pyrex® Cook & Go in your...

  Everyone knows that feeling when you wake up, work out and then have to think about making lunch – be in the smug zone with a little help from...

Abhilash Chelankara13/02/2020

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